Domain Configuration

Domain Configuration

This is a short tutorial to show you how to manage your domain.  The goal here is to explain how to link your domain with your web hosting account.  To make a website and a domain work on the internet, there is some configuration that needs to take place.  We assume you have a domain.  Also, we are using the registrar service of  As a side note... some hosting companies will offer domain registrar services for you.  We highly recommend managing the domain yourself.  Keep the domain and the hosting separate.  If something happens to the hosting service, you still have control of the domain. For this tutorial... you will need the IP address of your hosted website. This can usually be found in a configuration email or in your cPanel application.

Step 1, Login

The first thing to do is to login to your GoDaddy account.  Once logged in.. look for the My Account button as shown below.

Step 2, The Domain Manager

You should now be logged into your GoDaddy account.  Find the Launch button next to Domains and click that to enter the domain manager.

Step 3, Domain List

You will find a list of the domains you own, or perhaps the one, if there is only one in the account.

Step 4, Domain Details

Next, you should find yourself in the Domain Details area.  At this point we need to enter the DNS Manager.  There is a small blue Launch link under the DNS area.  Go ahead and click that.

Step 5, Zone File Editor

Finally.... we are at the Zone File Editor.  This is where the real configuration takes place for your domain. In this tutorial we are only going to make one change.  We are going to update the A Record for your domain.  In the Host field... there should be an @ symbol.  Leave this alone.  In the area called Points to, enter the IP address of your web server.  This information is available from the hosting company you have selected to use.  Once the IP adress has been entered, go ahead and click Save Zone File.  This will save your changes and will broadcast out the new domain information to DNS servers on the internet.  The update may take 24-48 hours to work across the entire internet, but you could see a change within a few hours.


In this tutorail, we showed you how to point your domain to your web hosting server.  This is a big step in making your website or blog live on the internet.  In future articles we will discuss other aspects of managing your domain through the service.

Until next time, please leave a comment if there are any questions.  If you would like more custom templates, please let us know and we can build more... thanks for visiting Pro Media Publishing!

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