Is a term used to describe systems used to automate many manual functions of communicating with people on the internet. It is commonly referred to as "MAS". Still confused? Okay, let's look at an example. You visit a website and are offered a free e-book. You choose to download the book and in the process your email address is submitted to the website. At this point... you most likely you have just entered into a marketing automation system. The MAS system will begin to build a profile of you and will automatically start to send email campaigns based on your interaction with the website or company.

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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the first blog post on this website. This is where the journey to share my experiences in the world of online marketing and the building of websites and digital assets begins.

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Hello and welcome to!  This is a place where we discuss the ins and outs of building online marketing assets.  We share tools, resources, and tips and tricks to help move your project forward and to help grow your business.  Thanks for stopping by and fee free to contact us if there are any questions.