Writing Your First Blog Post

Writing Your First Blog Post

Now comes the fun part.  Most of the configuration and installation work is behind us.  We can begin to get our thoughts out, written, organized, and posted on our blog!  World watch out... here we come!  The first thing you need is some content.  A welcome post may be a good place to start.  Something that simply states you are starting a blog and for what purpose.  To get started... login to your admin area.  Login instructions are here.

Step 1

Once we are in the admin area, look at the left navigation bar and find a link called Posts.  Click on that, then click on Add new.  This will bring up a page where you can add a post.

Step 2

The main areas for every post are the title and the body sections.  Start out with a good title, fill in the text and then fill in the body section with content.  For the post in this tutorial, the text was directly entered into Wordpress itself.  You may choose to use a 3rd party editor such as Microsoft Word to actually write your blog post, then copy and paste the text into the body section of your post.  Once the content is ready to go live... push the blue Publish button on the right side of the screen.  If you are not finished with your post, you can save your work by clicking the Save Draft button, then finishing the post at a later time.

Step 3

When you publish a blog post... it is immediately posted on the front page of your blog.  Actually, a small section is posted to the front page and the entire article has a new page.  Congratulations... your first blog post is now live on the internet!


We hope this tutorial has been useful and informative.  In future articles and tutorials we will talk more about how to work with Wordpress, how to make your blog look great, and how to make your blog a success.

Until next time, please leave a comment if there are any questions.  Thanks for visiting Pro Media Publishing!

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