Which is the best Content Management System?

Which CMS is the best?

Hello everyone!  Welcome to ProMediaPublishing.com.  Today I was thinking about evaluating, aggregating, and sharing numbers about three content management systems (cms), Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. While researching the numbers... it dawned on me that most visitors to a website really have no idea which CMS is being used at all.  Visitors arrive at your website for a variety of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with the choice of CMS that is being used.  People are looking for the value your content has to offer and may have never heard of the term "content management system."

With that being said... let's consider changing the question from "Which is the best content management system," to "What can be built with a content management system?" What is the project outcome of using a specific cms? What is the final product, how fast can it be built, and how much will it cost?

Along with this line of thinking... two key qualities come to mind when building a website or any piece of digital asset.  The qualities are the following:

  • Production Speed
  • Depth of Experience
Let me explain a bit further.

Production Speed

This has everything to do with how fast a website or an asset can be built with any given platform.  When building a website, there are many factors and details that will be included within a project scope.  All of these factors come into play and will influence the final outcome of a project.  As a very general rule of thumb, basic websites may range from 12-40 hours of work.  Larger sites may take 80+ hours of work.  It all depends on the complete set of design and data requirements that are included within a project.

Depth of Experience

What is the experience level of a developer with a chosen content management system?  Individual developers or development teams may have more expertise with one specific system.  The depth of experience is going to tie directly into the quality and speed at which something can be built.


If you are a business owner or company looking for the best content management system, it may help to consider the final outcome, the timeline, and how the website will empower your marketing team to help grow your business.  Whatever system is used, it should simply fit into the array of marketing assets that are needed to drive traffic, capture leads, then to ultimately set up your sales force to close those leads.

Thanks for stopping by ProMediaPublishing.com and until next time, please contact us here if there are any questions.

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