Using Twitter, Volume 3, Posting For the First Time

Onward and forward with the next step to learning the Twitter ropes.  In article, volume 2, we learned how to signup for Twitter.  In this article we look at how to post our first message.  Each step has been outlined below, so enjoy.

Step 1

When you log into Twitter, make sure you are on the "Home" page.  The Home icon should be illuminated.  Under your name is some general statistics and a small input box that says "Compose new Tweet."  This is where we begin.

A green box has been added to outline the area..

Step 2

Go ahead and place the cursor in the text area and type your message.

Step 3

In this example, an image has been added to the message.  If you would like to add an image, go ahead and click the small camera icon and locate an image on your computer.

Step 4

Be sure to read over the message for any spelling mistakes.  When ready, go ahead and click the "Tweet" button.

Step 5

Congratulations! Your first message is now online.  People that follow you will be able to see your message.  Also, if visitors directly visit your home page, your list of messages will be visible.

In future articles, we will discuss how to customize your settings, build a list of followers, and other goals related to social media strategy.  If there are any questions about this article or using Twitter, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us here.

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