Update #3, No Design

Hello Everyone! Here we are with this website development process and status update #1. Basically, the decision has been made to just build this website in real time. Meaning... there is only inspiration, an idea, a vision, and my core skills at play here. This is about putting something out there fast, not worrying about the details of branding, and sharing the thoughts and ideas as development moves forward.

For example, the following items are missing from this website project:
  • A name
  • A logo
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Content
  • A website template
  • A comprehensive go-to market strategy.
Moving forward with this website, is to share the thought processes, decisions, and to simply test ideas as the project moves forward. To be a bit more concrete about the whole thing, let's take a look at the current URL of the website... "SuperFunMarketing.com." That name is not good, it is not going to last. It will change in the future. I have no idea what the final name will be, but today... the important thing is to start building the website and name show up later. There is no rule that says the name needs to come first.

That's about it for this post.

Thanks for visiting!

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