, Status Update #2

Update #2, Naming

Hello Everyone (which is probably nobody at this point), It is me, Jeremy, plugging away on this website project and today is the third day of working on the site.  Just to share, I am not a fan of this layout, the lack of design, the lack of branding, and how certain elements are not lining up correctly on the site.  It actually pains me to see the sheer sloppiness of the whole site.  But then I think.... that is part of the process.  Not having everything in perfect order is part of the process.  In the beginning, things look like crap. If you are a person that is thinking about building your first website, or a company that is going through the effort to re-brand its existing website... there are definitive moments where everything looks like crap.

For example, here is a current screenshot of the front page of this website:

There really is nothing to see, just one picture and the current name of the site, (which may change.)

Yes, the name may change.

I am not a fan of the name at all... but I do not have a better idea at the moment.  The simple fact a great name has not been discovered is not going to stop the process. Just acknowledge it and blow right through that roadblock. Go around it.  Embrace the constraint.  You may ask... "Embrace the constraint?"  Yes... by simply noticing that the name of the website sucks, then that becomes part of the process.  A micro-strategy to continually work on the name and will be created and shared with you... my non-existent audience.

Also, by having a theme that lacks character and design, that becomes part of the valuable process. Another micro-strategy will also be created to help the forward momentum of that aspect of the website.


By making the decision to build an online asset such as a website, there are definitive points where things look very messy and the direction is unclear. The purpose of this blog post is to notice the challenges and share how those roadblocks were handled. Building your own online empire is not easy. It takes time, committment, and the ability to push through over the long haul. But, if you are up for the challenge... you may end up with a tangible asset to share with the world.

That is all. Thanks for visiting and look forward to the next round of posts and updates!


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