The Elements of Building a Website

The Elements of Building a Website

Hello Everyone! As the development of this website continues, I thought a blog post would help outline and explain how things are coming together.

When this project began, version 1 was really a version .01. Meaning... I consider a version 1 to have all the necessary pages and components in place to be the bare minimum of a "complete" website. To be a complete website that is ready to be launched, here is a list of pieces, pages, and components that could be built and published as a complete version 1:

  • Design elements
    • Logo
    • Colors
    • Fonts
  • Pages
    • Home
    • About
    • Products/Services
    • Examples of Work
    • Contact
  • Additional
    • Social Media Icons
    • Favorite Icon
Please note that the items listed above should all be finalized and ready to go before the site is launched.   In the case of, the site is not that far along yet. The site was published before the necessary components were in place.

Therefore, our versioning system starts at .01.

If you are interested in seeing what a version .01 looks like in a visual format... you are in luck! We have created a gallery of screenshots to document what the development process looks like over time. The images of development can be viewed here.

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