Building a Website, Start Moving!

Start Moving!

When it comes to building something online, an app, a website, a blog... whatever the digital asset, an important ingredient is to simply take action.  Make something.  Make it happen.  Get it out into the world so other people can see what you are working on.

There are many ways to build an asset online.  Many people may work on a launch sequence, or work to get all the necessary branding elements in place before publishing something for the world to see.  That is a totally valid and valuable way to approach publishing on the internet.

This website, ( is taking a different approach. This site is being built as is, day by day, for everyone to see.  To be honest, this is the first time I have ever built something in the clear.  In the past, all of my web projects have been built on a development server over many days or weeks.  Details were poured over and there were many iterations based on feedback from friends.

This site is very different.  The site went live from day one.

As an example, the following elements were missing from the usual planning process:
  • A name
  • A logo
  • An overall design theme
  • Brand guidlines
  • A beachhead market
  • Market research
  • Much more....
On the flip side, here are a few things that were present and available in the beginning:
  • Inspiration
  • My experience
  • A base idea to build around the process of building and marketing
  • An idea of a target market (with no research)
  • A desire to share and build an asset over time.
  • Also, an old website with content that needed a new home... (more on this later.)
As you can see, there are things missing and there are assets that are available and ready to use, event if they look fuzzy and not well defined.


In a nutshell, the whole idea of this blog post and this website is to simply get moving! Just make something. Make something that people can see and interact with. It does not need to be perfect. In fact, by simply sharing in the process to build and grow, your followers may find value in simply watching how things progress over time.

To wrap things up, here is an interview of Seth Godin, talking about the aspect of starting without fear.  You can fast forward to 15:30 in order to hear the conversation I personally found as inspiring. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting and see you next time!

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