Blog Master Series: Start Blogging Today with Blogger

Start Blogging Today with Blogger

Thanks for stopping by Pro Media Publishing.  If you found this page, then you must be interested in using a free blogging service called  This service is provided by and is an excellent way to get up and running fast, without having to spend your hard earned money.  In this tutorial, we walk through the initial steps to build your new blog.

Start Blogging Today: Step 1

First, head on over to, which will re-direct you to a Google landing page.  Either login to your Google account, or signup for a new Google account.  In this tutorial, we will assume you already have a Google account, so let's click the sign up button.

Step 2

Next is a profile confirmation page, making sure we are using the correct profile for your new blog.

Step 3

In step 3 we actually create the new blog with the simple click of a button.

Step 4

Now, let's title the blog. This one is going to be called, "Backyard Adventures."  Below the title is the address field, or the URL.  This is going to be the internet address for your new blog.  The Blogger system automatically checks to see if your chosen name is available.  The name must be unique.  The first 5 attempts were no good, somebody else already had the name.  I ended up with  It is not the name I started with, but that is fine with me.  The important part will be the content, so just choose a name that you are happy with and move on to the next step byt clicking the Create Blog button.

Step 5

If you made it this far, then congratulations, you have a new blog!  You should be sitting on the dashboard page and can start blogging by creating your first post.

Step 6

In step 6, you will find an editor for writing your first post.  Go ahead and create a post by typing directly in the editor.  Try using the bold or font tools to get a feel for how a WYSIWYG editor works.

Step 7

At this point, I just skipped this step. Google is asking if you would like to push your content out to its other services, but I chose to say no. The content will go out to other services, but we can discuss this in a future article.

Step 8

Here we are at the dashboard once again. We now have one post in our list. There are buttons to view your blog, publish the post, or edit what you have written. I chose "View Blog" and voila! A new blog is born!

Step 9

Here is the new blog.

In future articles, we will discuss how to add various forms of media, (photos, videos, audio) and also discuss how we can promote our blog across various media channels. Until next time, thanks for stopping by Pro Media Publishing!

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