Professional Video Production

Professional Video Production

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share a recent project I was involved in.  A client of Pro Media Publishing was looking to have a video produced for their business.  After an initial conversation with the client, it was clear that a professional video would need to be made.  There were a few requirements for the video.  Here are a few of the requests:
  • Nice graphics
  • On site interviews
  • Tell a story
  • This a flagship video for the company
The requirements for the video really told me the project was going to involve much more than simply using a HD camera and making some simple edits.  The project needed a much higher level of quality and experience that required a professional video editor.  To accomplish the task, we used the services of our partner, Liquid Media.  We introduced Liquid Media as a partner and they handled every aspect of the video production.  Here is a run down of the various tasks that went into the overall production:
  • New graphics
  • Interview of clients and instructors
  • On site filming
  • Music
  • Tell a story
  • Various edits with client communication
The client was very happy with the final product which can be seen below.  As a final thought, there is a huge difference from shooting a video yourself and using a professional video producer.  There is a need for each type of video, but to know the difference and to make the investment is important.


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