Premium Wordpress Themes

Premium Wordpress Themes

Welcome to the premium themes tutorial!  We are going to look at the world of premium themes for your Wordpress blog/website. This tutorial is more about why you should use a premium theme.  If you are looking for specific instructions on how to install a theme, that can be found here.  You may ask yourself... What is a premium theme?  Premium is a theme that is purchased.  The theme is not free, but it is purchased by you... the blog owner.  The next question you may ask... Why would anyone pay for a theme if there are so many free ones?  There are many good reasons to purchase a theme. Below is a list of possible reasons to pay money for a Wordpress theme, instead of using a free one.
  • They Look Better
  • Save Time
  • Many Choices
  • Better Support
  • Community
  • Easier to Modify
  • Security/Spam
Let's move on and discuss each one of these bullet points.

They Look Better

This is really personal preference, but I tend to find better quality graphics with premium themes.  The overall design comes together very nice.  You can find great looking free themes, but the search may take longer.

Save Time

The whole process of searching for a theme, paid or premium, can really take up a lot of time.  Sure, there are thousands of free and premium themes, but you then need to go through and find one!  That is hours and hours of time searching.  If you decide to purchase a theme, then you really save time by eliminating half of the market and just going to a few specific places to find a great theme.

Many Choices

There are many websites that are selling premium themes these days.  There is no shortage of places to find great a looking theme, purchase it, and get up in running in no time.  Below is a brief list of places to find premium themes and to get you started.  A more comprehensive list can be found in the links area of our website.
Better Support

With free themes, you are really on your own to figure out how to install and fix any issues that may appear during the installation process.  On the other hand... when you purchase a theme, often times there is support staff or the designer/coder may be available to answer specific questions.  They are being paid to offer a service, so they have an actual vested interest in helping you.


This goes along closely with "Better Support."  Many times there is an active community of bloggers and website creators that also use your chosen theme.  If you run into problems or have questions about how to make modifications to a theme, the group is there to help.  It's also nice to network with other people that are into the Wordpress community.

Easier to Modify

This does not mean premium themes are easier to modify than free themes.  The point here is... with a paid theme, you learn the coding conventions of how the theme is put together.  For example, if you download 5 different themes, then try to modify all the themes... the coding conventions can be very different.  Making modifications can take more time.  Having one theme to modify can make your life a lot easier.


Know where your theme comes from! This means free themes may have hidden code buried in your theme to promote spam.  Small pieces of javascript can make your website a target for spammers or worse, hackers.  With a paid theme, there is much less of a chance of spam problems or hidden pieces of code.


This tutorial highlighted reasons why you should use premium themes.  I highly recommend using premimun themes in many web projects that I am involved with.  The time you save searching all over the internet is well worth the price of a well designed theme.  Also, standardizing your wordpress modifications to a handful of themes also saves time.  You and your team will know how the theme is put together from top to bottom.

Until next time, please leave a comment if there are any questions... thanks for visiting Pro Media Publishing!

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