Marketing Automation and Drupal 7

Marketing Automation and Drupal 7

This is a brief post about a few marketing automation projects I have been involved with in the past few months.  Two different web projects that are both using Drupal 7 as the content management system.  The first project is using Eloqua for marketing automation and the second project is using Loopfuse. If you are wondering what marketing automation is, we have a brief description here.  Both projects have been interesting to be invloved with and in the near future I will be sharing some thoughts on each project.  For now, this blog post is more of a starting point, so let's take a look at the genesis of each project.

Project 1, Drupal + Eloqua

The first project was a corporate website re-design.  This project started with a budget and two main goals... choose a new content management system and choose a marketing automation provider.  Drupal 7 was chosen as the content management system pretty early on.  Choosing a marketing automation system was a much different process.  A thorough evaluation was given to many of the top players in the marketing automation world.  Among the companies reviewed, were: After reviewing the platforms and sitting through multiple demos, the decision was made to go with Eloqua.  The final web package ended up being Drupal 7 and Eloqua.

Project 2, Drupal + Loopfuse

The second project was very different.  This was not a large corporation with a large budget set to get things rolling.  This project was started with the idea of finding an introductory package for a small business.  How could a small business use some of the same tools and functionality of larger firms? Again, Drupal 7 was chosen early on for the content management system.  Next, was a lengthy search of all marketing automation platforms to find a low cost to entry.  Many of the MAS providers have small business pricing, but only one had a free option... Loopfuse. Pretty soon a Drupal module was found to integrate with Loopfuse, so the decision was made to stick with Loopfuse.


In the near future, there will be blog posts regarding the use of these two packages. For now, it may be important to realize there are many different ways to get started in marketing automation.  Either you can pay a provider, or you can use Loopfuse for free to learn the ropes and to get used to the world of marketing automation.

Thanks for stopping by and please contact us or leave a message if there are any questions.

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