Login to Wordpress for the First Time

Login to Wordpress for the First Time

This is a short tutorial, but necessary if you are wondering how to find the Administration area of a new blog.

Step 1

First, we need to access the administration area... but, Where is the login page?  Okay, let's find the login page for Wordpress.  You can add the following text to the end of your URL, /wp-login.php.  Or add /wp-admin.  Both links will bring you to screen below.  The entire web address would look like, http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Once you are on this screen, just enter the usernmae and password you entered when installing Wordpress.  If you forgot your credentials... just use the "Lost Password" link.

Step 2

If your username and password are accepted... you are directed to the admin area.  Congratulations... you're in!


This has been a very brief tutorial... but it should be helpful to anyone that is completely new to Wordpress. In other tutorials and articles, we will discuss how to use the admin section for many different tasks.

Until next time, please leave a comment if there are any questions. Thanks for visiting Pro Media Publishing!

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