Installing SugarCRM, How Much Memory Does it Require?

Installing SugarCRM, How Much Memory Does it Require?

This is a brief post to share my experiences with SugarCRM 6.4.0beta1.
Its been a few years since I have worked with SugarCRM, maybe 3 years.
If you are unfamiliar with SugarCRM, it is an open source CRM package which can be downloaded here.
I have been meaning to install a fresh copy for some time on a new Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the Pro Media Publishing arsenal.
Before committing to putting anything on the server, I was very curious to see how much memory was required to run SugarCRM.
Google searches returned old forums threads from 2006 and 2007. I never found a clear answer.
So, the installation moved forward and here is the memory specs that were recorded in the process.

Operating System:

CentOS 5.6

Ram used:

Server Before Install: 197,576
Server After Install: 208,608
After Logging in and browsing, adding, deleting: 238,824

After playing around in SugarCRM, the server was only asking for an additional 40MB of Ram from where we started before the install.
I am very pleased with the performance so far. SugarCRM responds decently fast and it is not killing the server. There is only one user at this time, but the system will be closely monitored and the results will be published here.


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