How Many People Are Needed For A Website ReDesign?

How Many People Are Needed For A Website ReDesign?

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This has been rolling around in my head for a while, so its time to put it down on the blog.
It's about the people that are required in building a website. A website can be built by one person or a team of people. This article focuses on the team aspect. Here is a brief outline for a web project. The website for this illustration is for a medium sized company. The company has an existing website but would like to move from a static website to a new content management system. Static website means there is no database, no dynamic page content. Also, the company would like to have a new graphical design for the website. Most of the existing page content will remain the same, but updating the content is also required. The final requirement is to link all forms from the website to an existing CRM package.

The project outlined above could be handled by one experienced web developer, but many times there are time constraints from daily task lists and many professional websites require expertise in a certain field to pull of a great look, feel, and functionality. Below is a list of people that would be involved with building our project:

  • Web Designer
  • Writer/Social Media Coordinator
  • Web Developer
  • CRM Integration Specialist
  • Server Administrator

Web Designer

This person will be responsible to handle all the Photoshop/Illustrator work required to forge the new look and feel. They will work closely with project owners and marketers to flush out the perfect design. Once the design is finalized and complete, they will hand off all the graphic files to the web developer.

Server Administrator

The server administrator will assess the technical requirements needed for the new website and will procure a new server. The website in our scenario will not utilize shared hosting, but will use a Virtual Private Server.

Web Developer

With the graphic files ready to go... the web developer will apply all the graphical elements to the new content management system. They will use a mixture of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP programming (the CMS is based on PHP,) to accomplish this goal.

Writer/Social Media Coordinator

The writer will be responsible for updating all the written content on the website. This can be a huge job depending on how many pages have been created over the years. They may also handle publishing updates through various social media channels.

CRM Integration Specialist

All the forms on the website must be integrated with a crm package. The sales team needs to capture leads and to turn those leads into future customers! The CRM Integration Specialist will make sure all the forms are working properly and will make sure the CRM system updates status information for our sales team.

Overall, building a successful website can be a large project and its very important to know what key players are needed... and at what time they are needed. Until next time, thanks for visiting and please contact us if there are any questions!


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