Building a Website, The Daily Grind #1

Building a Website, The Daily Grind #1

As a quick share, I have a routine of writing down the details of tasks that are accomplished, either for clients, or on my own projects.  Over the last two days, the following items were built and published on this website,

  • Created a Twitter account
  • Photoshop work: Twitter logo created
  • Vector color changes made in Adobe Illustrator
  • Twitter header graphic uploaded
  • Website: Dropdown navigation modified/fixed (CSS)
  • Added 10 screenshots to the gallery section of the website
  • Created two new content types in Drupal (Custom tables)
  • Added and modified all the fields
  • Created SQL queries to pull out the data and display
  • Added two new pieces of content
  • Installed and configured Google Analytics
  • Installed and configured Google Webmaster Tools
  • Registered a new Gmail account
  • Installed the "Disqus" module
  • Configured "Disqus" to work on the Blog
  • Posted 3 or 4 tweets
  • Created a favorite icon
  • Created a custom graphic in Photoshop, "Daily Grind".
  • Wrote this blog post
  • Modified and wrote HTML

All of these changes and updates took about 6 hours of work.  By reviewing the work and by listing the tasks and changes that were made, it is interesting to notice the different, programs, programming languages, and concepts that are used on a daily basis at production speed.  The term "Production Speed," is something I use to describe work that is being done in real time.  It is not a learning type of situation.  It's about jumping in and get things completed.

Well... this has been the first edition of "The Daily Grind."  I hope you enjoyed the first version!

Thanks for visiting and please check back often for more updates!

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