Blog Master Series: Start Blogging Today with Wordpess

Blog Master Series: Start Blogging Today with Wordpess

Thanks for stopping by Pro Media Publishing.  In this article, we are continuing with the Blog Masters Series of tutorials and articles with an introduction to  Wordpress is probably the most popular blogging platform on the internet.  There are different options with using Wordpress, but in this tutorial, we are using their free service.  So, let's get started.

Step 1

First, head over to  On the home page, there will be a big orange button with the words "Get started here."  Go ahead and click this button to start the sign up process.

Step 2

Next is the main sign up form with five different fields.  Below is a picture of the entire form we need to fill out.

Step 3

As we start to fill out the form, the first thing we do is provide a name for our blog.  In this tutorial we are using promediapublishing, or  There is a small dollar figure next to the domain we use.  We are just going to use the free option.  But, lets take a quick look at the paid options in the next step.

Step 4

At this point, we are taking a closer look at the domain options that Wordpress is offering us.  There is a list of domains which you may choose to purchase for your blog.  The prices are listed next to each option.
  • .me $25 / per year
  • .com $18 / per year
  • .net $18 / per year
  • .org $18 / per year
Is this needed or required?  No.  The free sub domain is good enough.  If you are really interested in registering a unique domain name, I would suggest registering your own domain at a registrar, such as

Step 5

After all the form fields have been filled out and the form submitted, you will be taken to a confirmation page.  Wordpress notifies you that a confirmation email has been sent to the email address supplied.  I waited for a few minutes.

The message on says it should be there in 30 minutes, but after 2 minutes, I started wondering where the email was.  Well.... it looks like I typed in the wrong email address.  Huh.  Luckily Wordpress has a simple way to change the email.  There is a form field at the bottom of the page where the correction can be made.

Step 6

Now the email shows up! Just click on the "Log In" button in the email and you should be good to go.

That's the quick and easy way to sign up for a free blog using  In future tutorials, we will compare similar services and discuss ways to take full advantage of the Wordpress platform.  Until next time, thanks for stopping by Pro Media Publishing!

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