Adding Videos, Audio, and Other Great Content

Adding Videos, Audio, and Other Great Content

What type of blog post are you looking to create?  Are you looking to create a well written text focused blog post?  Or, are you looking to add some visual elements such as images, graphics, and video?  The look and feel of your blog post could reflect the type of target audience you are shooting for.  For example, if you are targeting photographers, publishing blog posts with text only may not be the best direction. Blog posts with text and pictures may work better.  In order to get our creative ideas going... below is a list of different combinations of media that can be included in your blog post.
  • Text
  • Text with an image
  • Images only
  • Text and video
  • Video only
  • Text, images, video, and audio
The possibilities are endless.  The creativity in how a blog post is structured is up to you.  In this section of the Blog Masters Series, we are going to explore and walk you through the process of adding media elements to your blog posts.  Below are tutorials to help you get started... enjoy!

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